Hi! I’m Jai (pronounced "J") and if you’re looking for fun and functional planner-related paper clips, page inserts, stickers and more then you’re in the right place!

I am combining 16+ years of paper crafting with 19+ years of graphic design to create and sell planner clips, page inserts and stickers to help make your planner uniquely yours.

My paper clips and functional stickers can be used in any planner, while my page inserts and sticker sets are specifically designed for the Happy Planner® because that is the one I like best and use as the basis for my Budget Binder.

How did Peachie Planner™ begin?

In my quest to become and remain debt-free, I tried to find the perfect Budget Binder but I couldn’t find one that suited my needs. I found various printable pages and inserts but there simply wasn’t a full matching set that put my OCD mind at ease. As a graphic designer with a natural ability for organization, the only solution was to make my own. So, that’s what I did!

I created an entire mix-and-match Budget Binder collection using the Happy Planner® disc-bound system as the basis and decided to share it with others.

Then, I discovered how people were decorating their planners and became instantly addicted. Once again, I took my graphic design knowledge and decided to start creating, producing and selling my own line of fun planner paper clips, printable page inserts and functional stickers.

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